Silicone Caulking Services Arlington, VA

Silicone Caulking Services in Arlington, VA

Silicone Caulking Services in Arlington, VA

We generally recommend the installation of silicone caulking in order to replace failed caulking on commercial structures. Silicone caulking installations last three times as long as urethane, and only cost 30% more. While we recommend replacing urethane with silicone caulking, we are able to provide urethane caulking if required, and often provide pricing for both product installations. Dow Corning recently introduced a silicone caulking designed with less stain attracting, and less chemical leaching properties than their already low dirt pick up and low chemical leaching properties.

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Silicone Caulking Services Arlington, VA

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Silicone Caulking Services in Arlington, VA